We built and installed the custom cabinets for the Property Brothers home

Charisma and Eric moved to Las Vegas three years ago with their kids and Charisma’s mother, who tragically passed away on the day they moved in. Now that they’ve had time to heal, they’re ready to finally create their dream home, and we’re ready to help.

Skipworth Beams and Skipworth Cabinets

Mike and Ashley were high school sweethearts, so when Ashley’s parents went to sell her childhood home—where Mike picked up Ashley for prom—they jumped at the chance to buy it. Now they want our help to put their own stamp on the home. We’re ready to tackle the main floor and help Mike surprise Ashley with the one room that will finally make this house their very own Forever Home.

Sioux Kitchen

Debbie is a retired Air Force nurse who moved into a quiet suburban home with her four kids 17 years ago. Three of the four kids have since moved out, so it’s just Debbie and her youngest daughter Christina, who both love their home but really need an upgrade. We completely overhauled the kitchen, dining room, living room and Christina’s bedroom to create a fresh, beautiful family home that will be loved for years to come.