What’s the Difference?: High Pressure Laminate vs Melamine

Get In Touch with Us Have You Been Mixing Up These Two Terms? The Difference between High Pressure Laminate and Melamine Explained! We hear people using the terms ‘plastic laminate’ and ‘melamine’ interchangeably all the time. They are not completely wrong – they are both types of laminates, but it’s a bit like using lemons […]

The Beauty of a Barn Door

Get In Touch with Us The beauty of a barn door From their earliest uses on farms and barns to the modern day, barn doors have been the epitome of functional art. The “X” barn door, the “Z” barn door and the “True” barn door were the earliest design styles. Modernized styles for barn doors […]

The Baseboard Basics

Get In Touch with Us Baseboard and its purposes Covers the joint between the flooring and walls that would otherwise be unsightly. Often overlooked design detail that makes the room look polished. Keeps walls from getting damaged from being bumped by shoes, pets, vacuums, etc. Covers gaps in the walls from which insects or mice […]